Dean Levin Lamparter

4-year-old Dean was abducted by his mother in the summer of 2019 during ongoing legal proceedings in Germany and shortly after the department of children’s affairs proposed prohibiting Dean from leaving the country via preliminary injunction. He has most likely been taken to the US or Mexico. Efforts by German and international authorities to find Dean have been unsuccessful so far. Please inform us if you have seen him.  

If you have any information regarding Dean’s whereabouts, please contact us here

or inform the police:  

District Police Departement Wesel 

Crime Directorate – KK 11
Reeser Landstraße 21 
46483 Wesel 
Telefon: +49-281 107-0
Telefax: +49-281 107-1119

File number of the prosecution: 502 Js 126/20

The signs and harm of parental alienation


Many thanks to  Social-Worker, for permission to public on our website 

The signs and harm of parental alienation

As a Child Protection Social Worker, I have seen many harrowing things that will stay with me for the rest of my life. From the worst kind of abuses imaginable, through to parents simply not having the capacity to prioritise their children’s needs, Social Work forces you to face up to how cruel this world can be.

It forces you to step up to the plate and stand up for others.

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Things aren’t always as they appear – Parental Alienation

Author Amanda Sillars:

• Adult child of parental abduction and parental alienation (losing mother to suicide as a result of the alienation). Experienced suppressed memories & false memories as a result of manipulation.
• Alienated parent (two children were abducted interstate in Jan 2012. Coerced and manipulated by father and stepmother).
• A common pattern in parental alienation cases is for history to repeat itself in the next generation.
• Reunited with eldest child in September 2015, he now lives full-time with me. The youngest is still alienated.
• June 2014 started a support group for alienated parents. Approx 1000 members Australia wide.
• January 2015 founded Parental Alienation Australia Ltd t/as “Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation”
• Started the First Parental Alienation Awareness Day 12 October 2016 #PAADay


I hate you…

I am not allowed to love you.boy-447701_1280

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